Morey’S Story

Tamarac was the first place I called home.My parents are both immigrants. My mom is from the Virgin Islands and my dad is Jamaican and settled in New York in the 1970s. They met and had me in the 1980s, and I split my childhood between Tamarac with my dad, and the Caribbean with my mom. My dad, who served in the US Air Force right after he graduated high school in Brooklyn, bought his first house in the Tamarac (Woodlands neighborhood) in 1998- it was the first time either parent had owned a home.

When I  permanently moved to Broward in the early 2000s, I settled in the greater Tamarac area and lived here for over a decade.

My associate degree was paid in full by my job at the local Sears department store. With grants and scholarships, I earned my bachelor's degree at the University of Florida and went on to earn not one, but two master's degrees (government and business) at John Hopkins University. While in graduate school, I earned a Congressional Fellowship, where I advised U.S Congressional Leaders on digital technology.

I started my career in banking, and almost immediately noticed how badly seniors struggled with the budding digital banking technology of the late 2000s. My startup, Netcrossers, assisted Tamarac seniors to address this issue and many more. Today, I help other small businesses and non-profits in the tech space transform technology into platforms for greater access to all members of our society.

Morey founded Netcrossers in the late 2000's

After graduate school, and right before I was making my way into the political sector, I received news my mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer. My first-hand experience with our broken healthcare system ignited a passion for improving everything and anything we should be doing to help our loved ones. Despite the challenges, my mom beat her sickness-God is good!

My entire life I’ve had a passion for innovation, empathy for others, and a drive to make a difference. And, I’m humbly asking you to use these skills to make Tamarac even better.

Please vote Morey Wright for Tamarac Commissioner District Two.